AOC Maury

Agly Valley

AOC Maury
I was drawn to the vineyards of AOC Maury for two very precise reasons.  First, the magnificence of these old vines climbing the hillsides for in some cases up to a century and living practically in obscurity.  And secondly, the incredible geography.  AOC Maury runs through a section of the narrow Agly Valley punctuated by imposing cliffs.  This is the northern most river valley in the Roussillon of the three that travel east-west from the Mediterranean to ultimately the Atlantic.  The Pyrenees, 100 km to the south, are nearby enough to slap you around most days but not so close as to overwhelm with its life force.

North Facing Slopes

North Slope WinterNorth Slope HarvestSoils vary of course but there are two dominate soil types.  The north facing slopes consist of a great deal of argile/clay, with abundant river rocks and some strains of iron.  The higher up the slope the less argile one finds.

South Facing Slopes

South Slope WinterSouth Slope HarvestThe south facing slopes are covered in black schist much like what one finds in Priorat.  These slopes are barren, hard edged and dark, and the fruit needs sacrificial attention to guide and soften its punk attitude.